Yoga at the beach

Human beings were made to be outside. It’s only within the past few thousand years that we began spending most of our time indoors. We often forget how important it is to connect with nature and spend more time outside. Sometimes we need to go outside to just feel the sand under our feet, the fresh air and the sun on our skin.


It is “easy” to practice in a studio when the conditions are perfect – quiet, dimmed lights, no obvious distractions – but can you also focus and quiet your mind when tourists are walking by and dogs are running around.

Practicing on the beach builds a new element of focus, and reminds you to keep going despite all the noise around you. Besides that it also forces you to balance more and use muscles you might not be using in your current practice.

On top of that it has been proven that spending time by the water calms us, it reduces stress and it boosts our creativity.

Together with the benefits of yoga in general practicing yoga a the beach makes your practice even more beneficial and intense.


  1. Use a waterproof sunscreen that won’t run.
  2. During high temperatures use a light colored mat. Black mats absorb heath and this can burn your feet.
  3. Bring a big beach towel.
  4. Jumping in the sea after a yoga practice is great so don’t forget your swim suit.
  5. Don’t drink water during the class. We are trying to build up the heat and energy in our body during the class and we don’t want to bring that heat down with drinking water.
  6. Make sure that you are present at least 5-10 minutes before the start of the class.


The types of yoga classes that will be given at the beach are the “Sweat & Flow” “Energize & Renew”  & “Relax and Restore” classes.

Below you can find the prices per class and if you click on time schedule you can see all the classes till week 34.

Yoga Class (75 minutes)Price
1 class€ 10,-
5 classes€ 45,-
10 classes€ 80,-

Do you want to join a yoga class?

Please register yourself for the class via a whatsapp message or email:



The classes will take place at the covered platform at the beach of San Juan (“Atalaya de la playa de San Juan”) located in front of the tourism office.