Giving a massage for me is every time a different experience, because every person is different and we all have different needs, different bodies and a different energy.

For me it’s not only about massaging muscles to relieve the physical tension. I strongly believe that when you are able to really connect with the other person that only then you can make a real difference.

I started my journey by following classical massage courses but after a short period of time I developed a more holistic view on our body and therefore also on massages. I got intrigued by the strong connection between the mental-, physical- and spiritual body. Because of this interest I started to follow more holistic massage courses, among which a Marma Massage course in the south of India.

With the Marma massage the focus lies on 107 Marma points, also called vital energy points. From a anatomical point of view a marma point is a juncture on the body where two or more types of tissue meet, such as muscles, veins, ligaments, bones or joints. Those points in the body contain highly concentrated energy. A Marma massage is aimed at removing those energy blocks that we have created because of unnecessary thoughts, bad habits or various other reasons. The Marma massage can be used as a rejuvenation or it could be used as a preventative measure from unwanted conditions. Either way, a Marma massage is a really useful way to help improve or maintain our health balance.

Through my massages I would like to give people the opportunity to feel physically and mentally relaxed and to let go of all negative emotions and stress. Eventually I hope that this will help people to find the real connection with themselves again and to become more self-conscious.

Prices Massages
Type of massageDurationPrice
Relaxing full body massage60 minutes€ 40,-
Relaxing full body massage90 minutes€ 60,-
Back, shoulder & neck massage30 minutes€ 25,-
Back, shoulder, neck & head massage45 minutes€ 30,-
Head & face massage30 minutes€ 25,-
Marma massage full body90 minutes€ 75,-
Marma massage, back of the body60 minutes€ 50,-


Uno de los mejores masajes que he recibido en mucho tiempo. Excelente profesional, ambiente acogedor un grand masaje. He salido totalmente renovada. Recomendable cien por cien!

One of the best massages I have had in a long time. Super professional, cosy atmosphere and a great massage. I feel like a new person. Highly recommendable!

NicolaGreat massage!