About me

My name is Nicole Kneepkens and I was raised in a small village in the south of the Netherlands and I am currently living in Alicante. For a very long time I thought that I didn’t know what it was that could make me happy. I asked myself several questions, like; What is happiness and how and where can I find happiness? And especially; What is it that makes me happy?


At some point in my life I realized that I was not living my life, but the life that others expected me to live. And that I was constantly striving for something more and “better”, a better job, more travels, a bigger house, doing more sports. For a very long time I didn’t listen to my inner voice and I didn’t follow my feelings. I am very grateful that I got to the moment that I realized this and that I found the strength to turn everything around and to finally start listening to myself.

It sounds very simple if I say; “from that point on I started to listen to myself”. But the hardest part in this whole process is to let go of everything that is not yours. Because in order to really listen to yourself and follow your heart you need to be able to let go of emotions and feelings that don’t serve you and that don’t belong to you. And to recognize these feelings and emotions I noticed that I needed to be more conscious of what I was doing. So I needed a shift from living in an unconscious state of mind into a conscious state of mind.

What helped me during this process of “letting go” and becoming more conscious was my yoga practice. On the one hand yoga helped me to calm and clear my mind and on the other hand it showed me that the link between our physical and mental body is very strong. My yoga practice brought me back into the present moment, the moment where focussing on the breath and the asana (posture) was the only thing that I had to do.

29496271_10216323522459639_2093903582218089675_nOnce I discovered the power of yoga I decided that I wanted to deepen my knowledge about yoga and that I wanted to share this experience with others by teaching yoga. Therefore I travelled to India, where I completed my 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. I also followed the 60-hour Yoga Teacher Training for kids in order to also be able to teach the youngest ones what it is to be  more self-conscious.

Alongside this wonderful yoga experience my interest in related topics started to rise as well. I have followed a massage study in 2014 but the last few years I started to feel the need for more profundity about this topic as well. My interest regarding this topic is mainly focussed on the relation between the physical body and the mental body. With other words, in what kind of way are the mental emotions related to the tension and pain that we feel in our body.

And this is nothing new for a lot of people but still most of the time when we feel pain or tension in our body we mostly relate it to a cause on a physical level. I experienced myself that it can be very confronting to see how impactful the physical effects can be if you are mentally unbalanced. Therefore, with the massages I give, I try to look beyond only the physical tension and pain. More information about the different types of massages that I give can be found in the massage menu.

Eventually I hope that my own experience together with my Yoga Teacher background and massage experience will help other people to feel more balanced, restful and above all more joyful. Bringing a real smile back on the face of people is what I aim for.

With love and a big smile,


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